Costs for caries treatment

Costs for caries treatment

Tooth decay, called an insect-eaten tooth, is caused by caries bacteria.

It is caused by caries bacteria breaking down food waste in your mouth, producing acid, and the acid decaying your teeth.

The cost of caries treatment is what I worry about when I have to visit the dentist because of tooth decay.

The cost of caries treatment can range from tens of thousands of won to millions of won depending on the condition of the teeth.

Today, we will look at the cost of caries treatment in detail.

What should I do to treat tooth decay?

1. Dental examination reservation

The first thing you need to do before getting a dental checkup is an appointment. If you visit the dentist without making an appointment, you will have to wait for several hours, so please make an appointment first.

2. Writing a questionnaire and taking X-rays

If you are filling out a questionnaire, you will fill it out when you first visit your dentist. You will write down the disease and specifics you currently have and which tooth hurts. After that, you will have a tooth x-ray. This x-ray is used to determine the overall condition of the teeth.

3. Examination

When you first visit the dentist, you will be taken a picture of your teeth after an x-ray and before your examination. This is used to detect caries (caries) on the inner teeth. The doctor then consults with the examinee and decides what treatment to take, depending on the degree of dental caries. If you want to get a free examination, please google Dentists Dothan AL

4. Scaling

Before the treatment proceeds, you will receive scaling to cleanse your teeth.

The reason for scaling is that you can remove the tartar that didn’t fall off with a toothbrush.

Foods that are not properly removed can get stuck in the teeth, causing calcification to become tartar.

Plaque, which has undergone calcification for a long time, gradually turns black, causing periodontal disease that attaches to the surface of the tooth root and melts the gum bone.

When this happens, the teeth become more and more swaying, and you end up in a situation where you need to extract teeth.

Therefore, we recommend that you receive scaling once a year.

5. Decide on how to treat tooth decay after examination by the dentist

There are resins, amalgams, and crowns for caries treatment.

The cost of caries treatment varies depending on each material.

Also, depending on the condition of the teeth, it varies from a few tens of thousands of won to several million won.

If the cavities are small, the decayed area is removed and the tooth decay is treated with amalgam or resin.
However, in the case of large cavities, the teeth must be cut out and treated, so materials with good adhesion should be used.

Gold is strong and has a good cost-performance ratio, so it is used in many areas, but the disadvantages are not good aesthetically.
For this reason, zirconia, a high-strength ceramic, is often used to treat tooth decay.
Its strength is weaker than that of gold, but it is similar to the color of its teeth, so it is used for visible teeth.

Caries treatment cost-resin

Resin is a procedure in which small cavities are removed and filling materials are filled in the hollow.

This method is mainly used for the treatment of cavities that are not wide and that are not severe.

In the past, amalgam was widely used as a material, but most dentists use resin recently.

Resin is similar to the color of teeth, and the cost is relatively inexpensive.

Caries treatment cost-inlay

The inlay is a method of removing lesions in the cavities, making restorations, and attaching them with dental adhesive.

When the range of cavities is relatively wide, it is also called an inlay.

If you need to use an inlay, you can use it on areas where caries have been relatively large, so it is difficult to treat with resin. Usually, in the case of the teeth on the molar side, the range of tooth decay is large, so inlays are used a lot.

There are many different materials for inlays.

Gold is usually used when using the molar inlay, but ceramic is used for visible teeth.
Gold and ceramic inlays range from 250,000 won to 350,000 won.

Caries Treatment Cost-Crown

Crown is a dental caries treatment in which a tooth-shaped prosthesis is placed after removing the cavities due to the deep and wide area of ​​the cavities.

Since crowns are used when a lot of tooth removal is required, most of them are accompanied by neurological treatment.

If you do a lot of tooth removal, your teeth get cold, so you need to perform the neurological treatment.

When you receive Neurotherapy, you will not feel aching pain because it blocks the nerves.

There are many different materials for tooth crowns.

Materials that are mainly used as fillers include amalgam, GI (glass ionomer), and composite resin, among which amalgam and GI are covered by health insurance.

Besides, composite resins are covered by non-insurance for adults, but children under 12 years of age can receive health insurance benefits from 2019, making treatment a little cheaper.


As a dental caries treatment material covered by the National Health Insurance, it has the advantage of being treated without adhesives and being able to be treated with only one visit.

The downside is that it doesn’t look good in terms of aesthetics, takes a long time to harden, and breaks easily due to its low deformation force.


-GI glass aimer

Although GI is somewhat weak, it looks good (similar to the color of your teeth) and contains fluoride, which has the advantage of preventing tooth decay.

Besides, it is covered by the National Health Insurance and you can be treated safely because you can reduce your worries about mercury.

However, it also takes a long time to harden (about a day), so it requires attention after treatment, and there is a disadvantage that it is weak in moisture and the risk of dropout is high.

As mentioned earlier, the strength is weak, so it is not recommended for large cavities or adult molar areas.

For this reason, GI is widely used to treat tooth decay in children.

-Light-curing composite resin

The light-curing composite resin is superior to GI and has a better aesthetic appearance.

It’s one of the most used treatments for early tooth decay.